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Welcome to my website. My name is Roberto and I'm here to assist you with your
- Graphic Design
- Logo Design
- Web Design
- UX Design
My availability and reliability together with a strong problem solving make me the ideal candidate for all needs. -A logo that reflects the identity of your brand is needed, which speaks directly to the consumer with a pictogram and a payoff that effectively communicates your message. An ideal website that attracts the user to explain you and your work, an advertising banner of any nature that optimizes your promotional message with times and costs, or a User Experience for an app or an e-commerce site or for whatever. I also have good experience as a Web Designer with interesting interfaces that help your company.


My great virtue is the stubbornness and fire that I put in my work ... imagination, knowledge, study, elaboration, concentration ... all this mixed with love for the job ... For all these reasons, feel free to invite me for an interview, I am available 24 hours a day at your service to continue a long and prosperous journey together.

  • Email : webvenezia@robertodalio.com
  • Location : Martellago (VE) Italy
  • Telephone : (+39) 328 19 86 270
  • html
  • css
  • boostrap
  • Social Media Marketing
  • UX
  • Wordpress
  • Graphic
  • Photoshop
  • Illustrator
  • Indesign
  • web design
  • Fotografia


Web Design

UX - Social Media Marketing

Photo - Still Life


A italian Marketplace


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  • Logo
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  • Graphic

Contour project

Cut out a face to insert it in a different background, the difficult part of the hair, a technique used for the brush with a mask layer.

Graphic processing

Logo of a customer

This is the logo I made for a client. A real estate agency working in Venice

The site for a food safety consultant

Creation of a showcase website in wordpress for HACCP consultant Matilde Arfelli.

Logo coaching

Site for an aircraft and air taxi rental agency

The site (still under construction) for an airline rental company, air taxi, flight school.


A GIF created from scratch by me with Photoshop, including photos in the studio and then putting them together.

My logo for the VENEZIA WEB site

Logo designed for the VENEZIA WEB site. Fantasy, ideation, for a minimal schematized logo

Logo for a farm

GIF Lawyer Instruction Booklet Logo

A GIF created as an illustration for the Logo booklet for the Avvocato Marrone website.

A Mokup on tablets and smartphones

Mockup on tablets and smartphones, a website set up differently depending on the mobile device.

Advertising graphics

Social Media content for startup




Plane in flight

I took an image of a runway and inserted a plane, a shadow, all separately and created a photo of the takeoff.

Revisiting the GRAVITY movie poster

A personal reinterpretation of the poster for the film GRAVITY.

Poster for a typography

Graphic processing

Graphic processing

Graphic processing

The importance of SEO and Social Media Marketing



Logo Personal Organizer

Logo consulent HACCP

Gym logo

They say about me

Click on the image if you want to check

"Good job! Excellent graphic art for advertising and creative for company logo, I recommend it to everybody"

"Roberto is a professional who has been able to help me by providing assistance in web marketing, creating e-commerce for my business, adwords, ads, and social communication. I recommend it very much"

CEO of TuckerWeb

"Good job! Trained and honest professional in the creation of websites and online marketing development, social network communication and seo. I found myself well and will soon continue to ask for his collaboration"

Shooting Photographer ZULIAN Furs Total Look.

They say about me ...

The italian Marketplace

Click on the image if you want to check

I hired Roberto Da Lio as a graphic designer and I am satisfied with the work done in the right time, excellent price, happy to have met this professional.

Alessandro A.

Anoè real estate agency, Venice-Italy

Roberto is a trained and reliable professional. He followed me carefully and proactively, trying to understand my needs and proposing interesting ideas. He was also very punctual in meeting deadlines. I highly recommend it.

Melissa C.

Personal Organizer

I contacted Roberto to create my company's website and to create a personalized and original logo. He proved to be a professional able to reconcile my work needs with my personality, building a site tailored for me.                                      I will certainly continue the working relationship with Roberto for SEO and SOCIAL.                                      I recommend it to everybody!

Matilde A.

Consulent HACCP

I turned to Roberto for the construction of the website for my business, he and his team followed me professionally, giving me advice on how to best develop it. Excellent work also in the price. It will be a collaboration that will continue, both for updating and in the construction of social channels and advertising campaigns via google. I recommend this professional to everyone

Luca P.

Restaurant owner

Roberto was at my disposal both for the time dedicated to me and in listening to and fulfilling my requests. Serious and professional person. It will certainly be my reference for future projects. THANKS

Felicetta S.

Startup owner in Milan

I turned to Roberto to solve my problems in terms of graphics, he was very attentive to my needs with very nice proposals and ideas. I am very happy to have turned to him, the price is also very good.

Marco B.


Place of work.

The photographic set

A mini photo set, great but for photos to staff of a website and to photograph objects ....

Meetings, space to receive customers

A space with a table to talk to the customer, to talk about projects and works to do ....

Large desk for comfortable work

Corner desk, double monitor to work having everything under control ....

Contact me.


30030 Martellago (VE) Italy


(+39) 328 198 6270